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Hi Everybody

Deb Warren, AORN Chapter Relations Manager, sent me your contact information so I could alert you to an opportunity that has come up through the Alliance for Nurses for Healthy Environments (AHNE). See the correspondence below, the 3 day education event is being planned for May. I have already contacted the California State Council Chair and she will include the information on the February meeting agenda. If you believe this is relevant to your area, please alert your chapter members and/or legislative committee members to gauge their interest. If you believe there are other chapters that are in the Central Valley and LA area that might be interested, please share this information with them (or tell me which ones and I will send them a note!)

Katie tells me they are looking for about 30 people who will be willing to be mobilized for letter writing or follow up activities in the future. There is not an application process yet, so it might be first come-first-served. Contact Katie Huffling directly if you would like more information.

Let me know if you have questions. I have also talked with Amy Hader (AORN Director of Public Policy) so she can alert members of the National Legislative Committee if she believes someone would be interested. I was the staff liaison for the AORN Green Task Force and that is how I have gotten involved with AHNE. They are a great group that works closely with Health Care Without Harm, so keep that in mind if you have a chapter committee for environmental responsibility!

Thanks for your willingness to share this information with your chapter members.

Bonnie Denholm, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR

AORN Perioperative Nursing Specialist

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Ms. Cynthia A. Ellis, RN,CNOR, BSN


Suzanne E. Axt, RN,CNOR


Kristie J. Koepplin, RN, BSN


Ms. Lois M. Lance, RN,CNOR


Arthur T. Roberts, RN


Angelina Humphreys, RN


Jinae J. Crouch, RN, CNOR


Thomas A. Verdusco, RN




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To: Bonnie Denholm
Subject: Awesome opportunity for nurses - leadership training

Hi Bonnie - Happy New Year! I'm writing to you both because of your work with AORN but also your work with the Holistic Nurses Association. We have an exciting opportunity for nurses to participate in leadership training.  We are starting a new initiative with nurses in California focusing on the health impacts of energy use and production. We were wondering if your organization has a California chapter that we can contact to discuss this new initiative?

In 2011, the ANA passed a resolution calling on nurses to be more engaged on energy issues as it relates to health  and through our work we are operationalizing this resolution. We will be monitoring state legislation and connecting nurses with grassroots efforts. As part of this campaign we will also be hosting a 3-day workshop for nurses that will describe the health impacts of energy production, climate change, and how to move forward in positive ways. We will also be providing media and policy training. Travel expenses will be provided for the nurses attending the workshop. We will have the expectation that those attending the workshop will then engage locally on this issue (with their nurse organization, colleagues, communities, etc). We are specifically looking for nurses who live/work in the Central Valley and Los Angeles.

Anything you can do to help us connect with AORN and holistic nurses in thoses areas would be awesome.

Take care,

Katie Huffling, RN, MS, CNM
Director of Programs
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments

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