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RN to BSN Resource Education Database Website

As I am sure you are aware of, especially with the rise of the internet, the emphasis on higher education has increased significantly as a part of our nation's educational system. Because of this, a database of every major nursing program from all accredited colleges in the U.S. was developed. In this day and age, more people are attempting a work/life balance that includes exploring affordable educational opportunities; and RN to BSN Resources database provides the public insight to key information across a vast amount of programs offered. This valuable resource features one of the most comprehensive databases of nursing scholarships. Given the wave of retiring nurses and the growing amount of newly insured individuals, the need for healthcare workers has never been greater. We are truly passionate about providing thorough information to everyone thereby giving them the opportunity to pursue a degree in the nursing program of their choice, and not being bound to cost or location.

Recently the California Board of Registered Nursing cited RN to BSN Resources on their page by providing a link to our resource under ”RN to BSN Resources”. In doing so, prospective students, working professionals and their families are able to access our database along with the many helpful featured resources found on the site. It is noncommercial and available for anyone, there are no involved costs, and will be updated yearly!


Exciting opportunity for Nurses to participate in leadership training.
Three-day Workshop for Nurses who live/work in the Central Valley and Los Angeles.
Travel expenses will be provided for the Nurses attending the workshop.


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TOPIC: Perioperative Efficiency Tool Kit by AORN                                          
AORN Independent Study                                                                                           Contact Hours: CH: 1.50 


Patient safety, patient satisfaction, and patient flow are all important elements of operational efficiency in the perioperative setting. Opportunities exist to improve patient safety, the coordination of care, minimize delays and waste, increase operating room use, and enhance the perioperative experience for the patient and family, as well as for the perioperative team members. The goal of this learning activity is to educate perioperative RNs about effective patient- and team-focused strategies to improve operational efficiency in the perioperative setting, with an emphasis on safely preparing patients for surgery; patient, family, and perioperative team member satisfaction; and, starting surgical procedures on time.

TOPIC:  Medication Safety in the Perioperative Care: The Nurse's Role
AORN Independent Study                                                                                           Contact Hours: CH: 2.00 


The purpose of this continuing nursing education activity is to help perioperative nurses complement their existing knowledge of medications with newer concepts related to safe medication use, all of which infers that practitioners operate with accountability and responsibility for their actions when handling medications.

Download or print the Clinical Comic Series to use for staff education or Bulletin boards etc . Topics include: Sterile Technique, Hand Hygiene and Accountability

Prepare for the Unexpected: Emergency Drugs and Protocols –Free

Surgical Fire Prevention and Management --Free

Preparing Patients for Colorectal Cancer Screening: Enhancing Bowel Prep --Free

Rotator cuff arthroscopy in the older adult --$21.95

Understanding the New Emerging Oral Anticoagulants for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis --$27.95


Education Slideshow and Video Resources

Chapter Meeting PowerPoint Presentation (November 7, 2013) - "No Thing Left Behind"



Patient Safety First - Dr. Gibbs and Sponge Accounting System




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